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The Best of British Valkyrie​ Stunt Award

Proudly Recognises & Presents
Guests of Honour


In honour of the achievements from our exceptional industry members, we’re happy to announce and celebrate our first Guest of Honour.

Find out which of your favourites will have a special place at next year’s ceremony, and learn more about their backgrounds and outstanding contributions.


Whenever anyone talks about motorcycle stuntmen they often think about Evel Knievel who was, of course, the big dog in the United States. In the UK we had a young man born in Islington who became the Black Knight.

Eddie Kidd started appearing on our television screens on Saturday afternoons during ‘World of Sport’. Whatever sporting event was taking place the cameras would cut to Eddie preparing to break a world record by jumping his motorcycle over a long line of double-decker buses.

His superiority in the field of motorcycle stunts obviously brought him into the film world. He was brought in to double Harrison Ford for the movie Hanover Street in 1979, where he jumped 120ft across a railway cutting.

In 1981 he was cast as the lead character, Dave Munday, in the movie Riding High and once again performed a
breathtaking leap across an 80ft gap in a viaduct.

Eventually, he was brought onto the Equity Stunt Register and became a stunt double on films including Top Secret where he doubled Val Kilmer. He then doubled Michael Caine in the comedy thriller Bullseye. Played a Moroccan street trader who’d motorcycle was ambushed by Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights before returning to double James
Bond as portrayed by Pierce Brosnan in the pre-title sequence of Goldeneye. Returned to jumping buses and trucks in a competition against Robbie Knievel in 1993 before successfully jumping the Great Wall of China.

Sadly in 1996 Eddie was involved in an accident whilst attempting a jump at a motorcycle rally. His injuries were so severe that he’s spent the last 26yrs in a wheelchair. Obviously, this would stop many people from getting on with life, but Eddie has continued to raise many millions of pounds for worthy charities. Most notably in 2011 when he walked the London Marathon course raising £72,000 for Children With Cancer UK.

Eddie Kidd is an extraordinary human being and to have him here as one of our guests of honour is a great thrill. Guaranteed to get the job done, in the words of his 1978 single. 
Leave it to the Kidd.