the awards event


The Valkyrie Stunt Awards will be the very first awards ceremony for UK-based professional stunt artists/actors. 


Whilst there are several different awards events around the world, there are no stunt-related categories.  Currently, only one solo international award ceremony exists.


The Valkyrie Stunt Awards looks to bring about change and awareness for a highly skilled and overlooked industry. It is hoped this will lead to stunt-related categories being featured in well-established ceremonies.

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the founder

Laura O'Donnell

The why. 

The founder behind the Valkyrie Stunt Awards, actress Laura O’Donnell, who has stunt experience within equestrian, fire performer and, who was surprised and frustrated by the lack of recognition given to the industry. It seemed particularly disproportional for those who regularly risked their lives, faced life-changing injuries to fatalities. 


Laura is dedicated to her profession and is determined to bring change. 


'Let’s shine the spotlight brightly on these incredibly skilled people, inspire future generations, bring awareness to past generations, and give a voice to a relatively underrepresented industry'


Together, we hope ‘The Valkyrie Stunt Awards’ will be one of many to recognise and reward such a unique industry.


Be part of the magic and celebrate an incredible industry.

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