the awards event


The Valkyrie Stunt Awards will be the very first awards ceremony for the largely overlooked UK citizen stunt artists/actors who work in both film and television.


Whilst there are several different awards events around the world, there are no stunt-related categories.  Currently, only one solo international award ceremony exists.


The Valkyrie Stunt Awards looks to bring about change and awareness for a highly skilled and overlooked industry. It is hoped this will lead to stunt-related categories being featured in well-established ceremonies.

The awards will honour the best artists in each category, whilst bringing acknowledgment of their achievements on a wider scale.


The Valkyrie Stunt Awards are given out to outstanding stunt artists in each category. 


Fire Dive Stunt_edited.jpg

The Valkyrie Panel will consist of those with an extensive experience within the stunt industry. We look forward to sharing our panel in the next few months.


The Vision.

Together, we hope to see major changes to film and TV awards to introduce stunt-related categories. We hope to inspire future generations in the industry. We also will look to introduce a special foundation to support those who have been affected financially as a result of injury or circumstance.